Should I Paint My Stained Woodwork?

 “Should I paint my stained woodwork?”  We get this question all the time. These before and after photos certainly help to answer that question! We are freshening up this sprawling ranch home with excellent bones. Step One for this project is paint. By painting the walls and woodwork we created a modern, updated  space that […]

6 Tips to Tour a Showhouse

As a designer we agree to participate in a Showhouse for many reasons.  Some are because of a personal connection to the property or charity that will be the beneficiary.  Professional motivation can be in the form of education, networking and recognition. But the most important reason is because they present the opportunity to INSPIRE!  We want you […]

The Design Process….showing off a show house!

I heard about the Designer Show House at the Endicott Mansion through the chairwoman of the Danvers Historical Society Sandra Biondo.  Knowing it is the busiest of seasons for i-Design I was not sure I wanted to take on such a large project but was intrigued with this property and its rich history.  So I […]

She slept here!

The story of our show house makeover starts with this “before” picture of the Bride’s Room in the Endicott Mansion at Glen Magna Farm. Charming to be sure……..and the portrait over the bed helps us create a connection to the rich history of this property. However- the story completely changes when I looked a bit closer […]

A different kind of Show House

A show house is a show house is a show house……this is not necessarily true. Why is the Danvers Historical Society show house different? Well, the first thing that makes this different is the time of year.  Most show houses are in the spring or in good weather to generate great crowds and allow more […]

The five W’s of a Show House.

In the design industry if you mention a “show house’ you will get a range of reactions from a simple frown or knowing eye roll (someone who has taken part) to pure delight (a hopeful designer that would love the opportunity) because they are familiar with the concept. But not everyone is….. so when I […]

Behind the ‘Cheer Leader’

Have you seen the holiday issue of Northshore Magazine that was just released? i-Design was featured and we had a blast setting the stage for the photo shoot. We will be posting close-up photos of the beautifully decorated buffet that you can’t quite see in the background. Many thanks to the team at Northshore Magazine for […]