The five W’s of a Show House.

In the design industry if you mention a “show house’ you will get a range of reactions from a simple frown or knowing eye roll (someone who has taken part) to pure delight (a hopeful designer that would love the opportunity) because they are familiar with the concept. But not everyone is….. so when I was asked to participate in the Designer’s Holiday Show House at the Endicott Mansion in Danvers I thought this would make a wonderful blog series.

WHAT  is a show house? A show house is generally a fundraising project that takes a private home or community property, transforms it and then opens it up for a public tour. The money raised can support a charity, a community event or the property itself (like a historic building).

WHO gets to participate? The show house committee selects talented designers after each has submitted a proposal to redesign a room in the home. They may have to consider the architecture of the home, use existing furnishings and other constraints in the design process. I was honored to have been part of the Old York Decorators Show House back in 2009 designing the “secret hideaway” space.  Here is the before, the after and the close up details of the hideaway.

York1 York2 York8

WHERE do show houses appear? Show houses are offered all over the country and many, like the Kips Bay in New York, are more than 25 years old and are worth marking on your calendar as must-do events.

WHEN can you visit a show house? Most show houses are presented in the spring time to take advantage of the beautiful weather and gardening possibilities (oh yes, the landscaping is considered an outdoor “room” in many show houses).

WHY should you attend? It is a excellent way to support your community and get  ideas/trends for decorating your own home. You can also meet some of the fabulous designers who have gifted not only their time and money but have created amazing spaces within a tiny amount of time but with an extraordinary wealth of talent.

I hope to meet you at the Designer’s Show House at the Endicott Mansion on Glen Magna Farm in Danvers going on from December 1st through the 15th from 10 to 4 daily.

And I hope you will follow this series and learn more about the show house process!

Thank you,  Linda